OMNI (Omniscient Music Navigating Interface) Prototype Design


UCSD course ICAM 101 - Digital Imaging and Interactivity is a 10-week course focusing on user interaction where students work in groups to conceive, prototype, and test a prototype idea.

The Idea

The OMNI, Omniscient Music Navigating Interface, is a powerful music device that blurs the line between background and foreground music. OMNI allows any individual to associate, at a personal level, music with physical space. This creates a dynamic and interactive world with music as its central theme.

The Process

1.) Coming up with an idea
2.) Drafting a proposal including: problem, users, goals, solutions, and research
3.) Further developing task and user analysis
4.) Observations
5.) Draft Menu Tree aka Information Architecture
6.) Design sketches
7.) Low fidelity - Paper prototyping
8.) High fidelity - Flash prototyping
9.) Paper prototype presentation and report


Task and User Analysis, Scenarios, Observations, Information Architecture, Sketching, Paper Prototyping, Flash prototyping, Competitor Research, Prototyping, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator


Jan-Mar 2008; 10 weeks

Team Members

Arthur Lee, Adam Peltier, Jennifer Liu, Anita Leung


group proposal PDF
user analysis PDF
task analysis PDF
observations PDF
menu tree / info arch PDF
scenario sketches PDF
paper prototype report (with images) PDF


1) flash prototype: some icons
2) flash prototype: start screen
3) flash prototype: menu options
4) flash prototype: music player mode
5) flash prototype: searching for surrounding pins or music
6) flash prototype: error message, no pins or music found