Lighting System Contextual Design


UCSD course COGS102c (Cognitive Design Studio) is a 10-week project-based course focused on the process of cognitive design. Our team chose to evaluate and redesigned the existing lighting system.

The Process

1.) Picking an existing system to redesign: lighting system
2.) Develop personas, user goals, and scenarios
3.) Interview and observe users
4.) Perform task and work flow analysis 5.) Create process models
6.) Create an affinity diagram
7.) Sketching ideas
8.) Design and build prototype I
9.) Test users with prototype I
10.) Analyze data, return to analyses, models, and affinity diagrams
11.) Design and build prototype II


Contextual Interviews, Observations, Process Models, Affinity Diagramming, Personas, Scenarios, User Goals, Work/Task Flow, Sketches


April-June 2009; 10 weeks

Team Members

Jackie Doong, Chase Lin, Matt Wilczynski, Michelle Li


Affinity Diagram
Appendix includes images


1) Prototype II 2) Brainstorming and Sketching Ideas 3) Sketches 4) Paper Prototype 5) Building the slider control 6) Programming microcontroller 7) Blinds 8) Microcontroller connected to blinds 9) Microcontroller 10) Prototype I with control. Rotate knob to control open/closing slats. Slide knob left or right to control open/closing blinds