Whole Brain Catalog


Whole Brain Catalog (WBC), the flagship of the Whole Brain Project, is an open source, downloadable, multi-scale, virtual catalog of the mouse brain and its cellular constituents.

For Whole Brain Catalog's debut at SFN Neuroscience 2009, I designed various printed collateral such as 3D hologram flyers, datasheets, social invites, stickers, and pens. I also designed some of the navigational graphics for the desktop application and early stages of the iPhone application.


InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop


June 2009-March 2010


Launch Whole Brain Catalog's Website
Launch Whole Brain Project's Website
Download the Whole Brain Catalog iPhone App


1) I retouched/modified UI graphics for a developing iPhone app. 2) I designed duplex 3D hologram flyers used at SFN 2009. 3) I created graphics for the navigation controls use in the desktop software. 4) I designed duplex social invitations used at SFN 2009. 5) I designed pens used at SFN 2009. 6) I designed duplex fact sheets used at SFN 2009. 7) I designed stickers with Illustrator used for badges at Society for Neuroscience (SFN) 2009.