Energy Drink Ezine


UCSD course COGS187a (Cognitive Aspects of Multimedia Design) is a 10-week course on usability, information architecture, task analysis, and web design. For our final project, our team designed an ezine on energy drinks. Tasks included user goals/scenarios, user testing, content analysis, content gathering, information architecture, wireframing, and presentation. My primary role was to test users and implement the website.

The Process

1.) Picking an ezine topic
2.) Content analysis
3.) Developing personas, user goals, and scenarios
4.) User Testing
5.) Structuring information architecture, sketching and wireframing
6.) Prototyping ezine
7.) Class Presentation


Content Analysis, User Interviews and Testing, Persona Development, User Goals and Scenario Creation, Sketching and Wireframing, Information Architecture, Prototyping, xHTML, CSS, Javascript, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Mockingbird


Feb-Mar 2010; 3 weeks

Team Members

Jackie Doong, Chase Lin


ezine user goals & scenarios
ezine content analysis
ezine wireframes
Launch the Ezine Prototype


1) Ezine - energy drink home page 2) Ezine - energy drink about page 3) Ezine - energy drink ingredients page 4) Ezine - energy drink health page 5) Ezine - energy drink news/blog page 6) Ezine - energy drink reviews page 7) Ezine - energy drink myths page